Warzone devs fix glitch that allowed players to automatically end games

Nicholas Sakadelis
Warzone Cheaters find way to end games

It appears a new bug in Warzone allows cheaters to automatically end games for all 150 players in a Warzone match.

UPDATE – March 15: Raven Software has confirmed on Twitter that they have already fixed this issue in Call of Duty: Warzone.

A game settings update went live on March 14 to prevent matches being ended early, per the studio’s tweet.

Original Story:

Warzone is no stranger to abnormal and re-occurring bugs like the stim and invisibility glitch, but today we’ve probably found one of the weirdest exploit we’ve seen yet.

In a clip from Twitch user “BisaG10”, we can see a game of Warzone was ended pre-maturely by an apparent cheater. Please note the following clip does include a highly offensive username in the killfeed, which is the suspected cheater in question.

During the course of a normal Warzone game, the streamer managed to kill the suspected cheater, which then resulted in the cheater apparently ending the entire thing. We then see an odd transition to a final killcam, similar to what would be seen in traditional multiplayer matches.

It seems when this happens the game does reward all players with a Warzone victory, as we’ve seen this same exploit happen to other players, all resulting in free wins.

While the streamer immediately pointed out that this could be the work of a cheater in-game, we’re a bit hesitant to say for certain this is the work of hackers in Verdansk. This very well could be related to a rare bug that occurs seemingly at random in games, that has recently been occurring more often.

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If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that players should be on the lookout for this exploit. We don’t quite understand how this occurs, so we’ll update players with a warning if this becomes widespread.

Of course, since this issue does hand out free wins, we’re sure to see this either become a huge issue or something quickly patched by developer Raven.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this is addressed soon.

Image Credits: Activision