Warzone 2’s new nuke skin immediately roasted by fans: “Is this Fortnite or something?”

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 season 4 new Nova nuke skin

Warzone 2 Season 4 introduced a new skin for those who complete a nuke contract, but unfortunately, players are already roasting it, comparing it to the Rippley Fortnite skin.

Warzone 2 Season 4 introduced a lot of new content for players, including a brand-new map, weapons, and Battle Pass.

While most of the new content is available to all players so long as they grind the Battle Pass, there is a new reward for completing the nuke contract that not everybody will complete in Warzone 2.

Since Season 4’s release, the skin rewarded to those who complete the nuke contract in the battle royale has changed, giving those who maybe already had the previous skin motivation to complete the nuke contract again.

The devs received a lot of stick for the previous nuke skin, as many felt it wasn’t special enough. So how about the new nuke skin introduced in Season 4? Well, players are already roasting it on Reddit and Twitter.

Many comments under ModernWarzone‘s post of the new nuke skin began roasting the skin, with one player even saying: “is this Fortnite or something?”

Further, User Papa-Pasta put a post up in the Warzone 2 subreddit highlighting the new nuke reward skin in Warzone 2, comparing it to a Fortnite skin saying they knew it “looked familiar.”

The Fortnite skin the user compares it to is the blue Rippley skin, and the familiarity is pretty evident when they’re side by side. Both skins feature a similar blue color with white shimmers, and others in the comments seem to agree, as one user said the “New Nuke skin f**king sucks. They made him Rippley from Fortnite.”

Comments under the post continue to roast the new skin, as one said “it looks like those dog people from rick and morty,” while another said that the skin looks like “a mobile game character.”

Despite players feeling as if the old nuke skin was not special enough, especially since they released other skins that had a similar look, players seem to feel that this new one isn’t much better: “old one was so, so much better.”

It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes with the new Nova nuke skin, but until then, check out when Ashika Island will return to the game and how to get all of the new Vondel DMZ rewards.

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