Warzone 2 players disappointed with pointless DMZ grind

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 dmz

Warzone 2 players are unhappy with the DMZ grind, as they express disappointment with the Insured slot system.

Warzone 2 Season 1 has had a flying start with many players enjoying the content on offer. From new weapons to try out on Al Mazrah, to the new Backpack looting system, players have had a lot of content and updates to get to grips with, despite hackers ruining matches.

That said, those who love to grind have had the huge DMZ mission list to get through. Unfortunately, it seems players who have been grinding this mode have been left disappointed, finding the Insured slot system to be more frustrating than rewarding.

Reddit user Ray11711 highlighted how the second Insured slot works on Warzone 2’s DMZ, stating that it has a “4 hour cooldown, rather than 2.”

In DMZ, players can Insure weapons instead of taking contraband guns into Al Mazrah. The benefit of this is that players don’t lose their Insured weapon like they do with contraband guns. Due to this feature, if a player dies with an Insured weapon in the DMZ, they will have to wait for a set amount of time until they can use it again.

The first Insured slot has a cooldown time of 2 hours, and as the OP discovered, the second Insured slot, which takes some grinding to unlock, has a cooldown of 4 hours, which players aren’t happy about.

One comment under the post expresses frustration with the reward, saying “Uh Wow bummer. I totally expected with all the grinding and such that it would be less than the 1st one, maybe an hour cool down with the 3rd Insured slot.”

This has even put some off the grind, with another comment saying “Wow, thanks for the info. Now I know to stop doing missions.”

It’s important to remember that the mode is still in beta and so it’s likely that the mode will see a lot of change over the coming seasons. We’ll be sure to update you about any new updates to DMZ so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Activision