Warzone 2 players call for major buff to “garbage” M13

warzone 2 m13b in gunsmith

Warzone 2 players are calling for the devs to give the M13 a buff as many claim that the weapon is “garbage” and no match for the current meta.

Warzone 2 Season 1 introduced four new weapons, with the Chimera Assault Rifle being implemented for the Reloaded update. While the Victus XMR, Chimera, and BAS-P made a splash in their respective weapon categories, the M13B has been widely ignored.

While the M13B‘s fast fire rate and low recoil sound appealing on paper, the reality is that it’s just not strong enough to compete with the current meta seen in Warzone 2.

Players are starting to pick up on this, as in the Warzone subreddit, the community are starting to call out its weak power. One Reddit post even stated that the weapon is “so bad in Warzone 2 that even if you hit all headshots, Fennec body shots will kill you faster.”

The fact that there’s data that supports this claim is even more shocking, showing just much the M13B is in need of a buff, and many in the comments of the post agree.

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One user said, “It’s garbage…every long-range gun is total garbage compared to the RPK…same with the Fennec,” while another commented, “this M13 definitely need[s] MULTIPLE buffs to be viable.”

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It’s no secret that both the RPK and Fennec 45 are among the strongest and most popular weapons in Warzone 2, but for those looking for some variety, this is quite a disappointment.

Players clearly think that both the RPK and Fennec need a nerf, but also that the M13B needs a buff, as it still sits below other Assault Rifle options such as the M4 and Kastov 762.

With Warzone 2 Season 2 on the way, who knows what balance changes are inbound? In the meantime, check out how to get the Damascus camo in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credits: Activision