Swagg explains how Warzone 2 ruined “perfect” gameplay of original

Nathan Warby
FaZe Swagg in from Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map

Warzone 2 has received a mixed reception from the community so far, and CoD pro Kris ‘FaZe Swagg’ Lamberson has explained all the ways he believes the sequel “ruined” the gameplay of the original.

Warzone 2 has proved to be divisive since it launched in 2022, as much of the community was unhappy with many of the major changes introduced in the sequel. Luckily, the devs have announced that Season 2 will revert a number of these differences.

The next update will bring back the 1v1 Gulag, get rid of the controversial backpack looting system, and even add the popular Resurgence mode, complete with the new Ashika Island map.

But despite the host of changes coming in Season 2, CoD pro FaZe Swagg still believes that Warzone 2 has strayed too far from what made the original so successful.

Speaking on a recent stream, beginning at 26:40, Swagg said: “The game got ruined. Warzone was perfect, it was good, [they] just had to keep adding on to it – maybe some innovations. I just wish Infinity Ward never took it to a place where it just became, quite frankly, boring.”

He went on to explain all the different gameplay choices that he thinks make Warzone 2 weaker than the original game, starting with the changes to Sniper Rifles.

“You took away Sniping, right? You took away the excitement of getting a one-shot headshot,” Swagg continued. “For most of the game, the most popular guns were Snipers. All the kids, even the dads, loved rocking Snipers because it was just satisfying to get a one-shot headshot.”

Next, Swagg criticized how difficult it was to get a loadout at launch, calling the decision “trash,” although this will be fixed altogether in Season 2. Then he took aim at the lack of movement in Warzone 2, claiming the devs addressed the wrong issue:

“Was slide canceling something that was broken? Maybe, but it was fun. What really happened, in my opinion, was Stims. Stims are what made people think movement was f**king broken, a lot of the bots hated it.”

While there are plenty of changes planned for the Season 2 update, there has been no word yet on whether or not Sniper Rifles and movement will be addressed. Swagg clearly feels there is still some way to go before Warzone 2 recaptures the magic of the first game.

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Image credit: FaZe Swagg / Activision