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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players beg for changes to “boring” RPK & Fennec meta

The RPK & Fennec have proven to be very popular guns in CoD Warzone 2, and players are now starting to become tired of the reliable combo.



rpk and fennec in cod warzone 2

One of Warzone 2’s most popular loadouts, maybe even the most popular, is the combination of the RPK LMG and the Fennec SMG, and players are growing tired of seeing them so regularly.

Warzone 2’s meta has largely been open since the game debuted, and even in Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded there have been a litany of loadout variations.

However, with so many content creators and statisticians able to figure out the most effective guns in the game when it comes to recoil and TTK, one loadout duo has risen to the top – the RPK and Fennec.

The RPK is a very accurate LMG with a big magazine, and the Fennec is a fast-firing SMG that can decimate opponents up close. Many players seem to have realized this, and Warzone 2 players want the devs to tinker with these weapons.

Reddit user Ginekolog93 vented their frustration with the state of the game’s meta by simply declaring: “RPK/Fennec meta is getting boring.”

They explained that everyone is running around with the same loadout, including the OP themself, and that “Sure you can use other guns, but you won’t stand a chance against decent players with RPK and Fennec. Why can’t we have some variety? This is Warzone 1 all over again with Kilo and DMR.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the original Warzone title, the game had several defined metas that virtually all players used, and DMRzone was a notorious one as players discovered that the Marksman Rifle could down players in two or three recoilless shots.

There is definitely some concern over this new RPK and Fennec meta with one player saying: “I miss metas like the C58 and AMAX. Harsh recoil, low mag, good damage. I’m tired of these 0 recoil braindead metas, it’s already bad that this game’s TTK is so absurd but it’s made even worse with guns like the RAAL MG, RPK, Sakin, etc.”

Another player commented: “The short answer is no, no you can’t have variety. Not until they nerf these guns and then buff others to make whatever said guns the new meta. It’s the wash, rinse, repeat approach all over again from WZ1.”

It’s quite difficult for most shooters to keep the meta in check whilst also giving players plenty of solid options to use. So we’ll see if the devs do opt to mess around with the RPK and/or Fennec in the near future.

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Image Credit: Activision