Shroud explains why Warzone 2’s DMZ will “always be bad”

Luca Di Marzo
Shroud DMZ Warzone 2

FPS icon and top streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek shared his thoughts concerning Warzone 2’s DMZ and why he thinks it “will always be bad.”

When Warzone 2 launched, the battle royale also delivered an extraction shooter experience with the DMZ mode. Opinions concerning the Tarkov-style DMZ mode have been a mixed bag. Some see it as a welcome change of pace to the traditional battle royale, while others believe DMZ lacks some much-needed polish.

It seems popular streamer Shroud shares the latter train of thought and agrees that DMZ is not only rough around the edges but destined for failure.

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DMZ, Warzone 2, and Modern Warfare 2 share a unified cross-progression system that allows players to continue their Call of Duty journey regardless of their preferred gameplay experience.

In a January 23 stream, Shroud explained that the linked progression system is what’s ruining DMZ. Here’s what the CS: GO legend had to say about DMZ’s lack of success.

Shroud claims DMZ is a failed experiment

When asked about DMZ on stream, he begins by explaining how the mode links to Warzone 2: “What they’re trying to do, and a lot of games are trying to do this, is create an ecosystem within their own game where everything like benefits each other.” 

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While Shroud agrees that the ecosystem between Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, and DMZ is a neat feature, he claims that “It’s not that important,” and it’s actually hurting the mode more than helping it.

It seems Shroud believes that by not treating DMZ as a separate standalone experience, it’s not getting the love it deserves: “The problem with Call of Duty trying to make a DMZ survival extraction looter shooter bulls**** is that they’re still tying into that system.”

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He puts the final nail in the coffin by stating, “As long as they’re always tying into that cross-progression system, it will always be bad.” It’s clear that Shroud thinks DMZ will fail to succeed in the shadow of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

While the devs did announce that DMZ will receive some new content with the Season 2 update, it likely won’t do much to alleviate Shroud’s biggest complaint with the mode.

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Image Credit: Activision / Shroud

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