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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players call for major Escape from Tarkov features to hit DMZ

Warzone 2 players are calling for the developers to add major features from Escape from Tarkov to the DMZ game mode.



warzone 2 operators in vehicle

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is inspired by the tactical shooter title ‘Escape from Tarkov,’ and players want the developers to add a few more features from that game to this mode.

At launch, Warzone 2 brought a PvPvE extraction-based game mode known as DMZ which allows you to loot equipment while battling enemy players and AI opponents before attempting successful extraction.

This game mode takes inspiration from the multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game ‘Escape from Tarkov’ which also focused on extraction-based gameplay. Now, Warzone 2 players are begging for more features from this title.

Reddit user ‘ShrimpConsumer’ made a feedback post in the Warzone 2 subreddit calling for the developers to add a flea market similar to the one in Escape from Tarkov so that players can buy items with the money they extract.

The Redditor explained: “I feel like you should be able to mod contraband guns but only with attachments and accessories you buy from the market. The top tier accessories should be the most expensive and also weapon tuning should be even more expensive.”

That’s not the only Escape from Tarkov feature mentioned in this post as ShrimpConsumer also called for the developers to add a hideout or base where Warzone 2 players can store their items.

Many of the commenters were on board with the idea of the developers adding Escape from Tarkov features to Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. One user wrote: “Honestly, I’d prefer them to just copy as much as they can from Escape from Tarkov.”

Another player stated that adding more Escape from Tarkov features will result in them seeing Warzone 2 as a great game. However, one player was concerned that the flea market feature may not function properly in Warzone 2.

In response to this, one of the commenters stated: “Refer to Escape from Tarkov. Works fine, bud. Just need to implement something to facilitate it and fix exploits. That’s it.” It remains to be seen if the developers will add more Escape from Tarkov features in DMZ.

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Image credits: Activision