JGOD reveals how to find secret attachments for “zero recoil” Warzone 2 loadouts

Joseph Pascoulis
jgod warzone 2 gunsmith

Warzone 2 players looking to eliminate recoil on their weapons will be glad to hear that JGOD has revealed a great way to pick attachments that do just that.

Whether you’re picking Warzone 2’s most popular weapons or ones that are overlooked, the attachments you choose will greatly impact the behavior of the gun.

Depending on the Warzone 2 build you are going for, some attachments are considered stronger than others, providing differing pros and cons. Oftentimes, players will pick attachments that lower the recoil of a weapon, as this will ultimately allow them to stay on target and therefore hit more of their shots.

Making a choice on which attachments that will best tame the weapon’s recoil can be a difficult task, but luckily Warzone expert JGOD has provided some insight, revealing how Warzone 2 players can find the perfect attachments to eliminate recoil.

Warzone 2 JGOD no recoil attachments

Using a helpful Warzone 2 stat site, Sym, JGOD reveals how players can figure out the best attachments to use for their loadouts. Ultimately, the YouTuber managed to discover that some underused “hidden” attachments are actually very powerful and “significantly better than what most people are using.”

By comparing the in-depth attachment stats that this site provides, players can better figure out which attachments reduce vertical and horizontal recoil the most. While making a zero-recoil Kastov 762 build, JGOD figured out that the TY-LR8 muzzle is actually one of the best muzzles to decrease recoil, and it’s available on many weapons.

After putting this muzzle and other attachments that reduce recoil like the Merc Foregrip and Demo-X2 Grip on the RPK, JGOD demonstrates how the weapon has “little to no recoil.”

Further, JGOD also states that while suppressors are useful, if you’re looking to eliminate recoil, there are better options that can be found which reduce recoil much more effectively.

So, for those looking to create a zero-recoil loadout for whatever weapon they’d like to use, take JGOD’s advice and use the Sym site to figure out which attachments will suit your build the best.

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Image Credits: Activision

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