JGOD reveals best Warzone weapons after major Vanguard Royale TTK update

Liam Mackay
JGOD and Vanguard Royale mode

Warzone devs made a major change to Vanguard Royale when it returns, increasing player health by 50HP. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, YouTuber JGOD has explained how this changes the meta and revealed the best weapons.

Vanguard Royale has been a fan-favorite mode since it arrived alongside the Warzone Pacific update. This mode only uses Vanguard’s weapons and Operators, making for a more WW2-focused battle royale experience.

The devs added new mechanics to the mode in the Season 2 update but changed it up again on March 2. UAVs have returned to Buy Stations for $6,000, and player health has been increased by 50 HP – bringing the total to 300 when fully plated.

This is a meta-changing adjustment, and YouTuber JGOD has broken down how this changes the game and revealed the best guns.

Solange firing PPSH-41 in Warzone

An extra 50 HP doesn’t sound like a lot, but as JGOD explains, it actually brings some previously underrated weapons into the meta, and some of the better weapons drop down.

Breaking down the math, he revealed that the extent of the change all depends on how much damage a weapon deals per shot. With the way that the math works out, low damage weapons that deal 16, 17, and 18 damage take three more shots to kill someone, but weapons with high damage can only take one more shot.

JGOD reveals best Warzone Vanguard Royale weapons

These changes majorly affect certain weapons’ time to kill. But, TTK isn’t everything, as these new health changes mean that combining a low TTK with a high damage per mag is even more important, and JGOD recommends you use the Vanguard PPSH-41, Owen Gun, and Welgun at close-range.

LMGs have bigger magazines so can deal more damage per mag, making them a great choice for long-range in Vanguard Royale. Even with changes to the Bren, he said that “its TTK is still phenomenal.” He also said that Season 2’s Whitely “might be really good” if you can control it. The MG42, DP27, Type 11, and Automaton are all viable choices as well.

We highly recommend checking out JGOD’s full video embedded above, as he goes into much more detail about the changes and gives his full loadout recommendations.

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Image Credit: JGOD / Activision

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