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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player finds ridiculously OP camping spot in Caldera

A Warzone Pacific player has found a pretty powerful spot to camp and get kills, which some may not be too happy about.



warzone mines poi caldera

Although it may not be the most respected playstyle, camping has always been a part of Call of Duty’s multiplayer. One player seems to have found a very strong camping spot in Warzone’s Caldera.

There are many playstyles in Warzone Pacific, as well as weapons to complement. Whether you like to run and gun and get up close to players with SMGs, or even take a long-range approach to combat with Snipers, Warzone gives players the option.

Although it is frowned upon in the community, one player has found a very powerful camping spot, which just may suit your style of play.

warzone caldera

Reddit user BigStuggz is the one responsible for showcasing this crazy powerful camping spot in Caldera.

The player put a post in the Warzone subreddit showing the spot in a video. The spot is pretty inventive and not many players will be suspecting enemies to be up there, making it a great spot for campers.

As you can see from the video, the player is able to get into the small container on the zip line outside the Mines POI. In the player’s match, this was a perfect spot for the zone, as they were able to stay in this spot when the gas came in.

A long-range LMG or Assault Rifle seems to be the play for this spot, as the player mounts up and unloads their Bren upon enemies below. They managed to get the win, and while being impressed by the fashion of the victory, players aren’t too happy about the camping.

One user commented saying: “Its a nasty move but a good one! And a dub is a dub.”

Warzone Pacific Caldera Mines POI

Another comment even applauded the player for using the terrain to their advantage: “Don’t see a problem there. Use the terrain to your advantage.”

Whether you agree with it or not, the thought to try and get in one of those containers is pretty genius, and the luck to have the zone collapse on their position makes for a great clip.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision