JGOD explains what the best snipers are in Warzone after latest update

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Best Snipers Warzone

With Warzone Season 3 Reloaded bringing about updates and changes, many players may be wondering what the best Warzone snipers are and how the long-range meta now looks.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded landed with a bang, introducing an ’80s Action Hero theme, with new operators, a Power Grab LTM, and even weapon buffs and nerfs.

On May 27, Warzone received another update, which reworked some of the Cold War optics to make them feel more natural in the Modern Warfare engine. This, of course, shifted the balance a little, and popular YouTuber JGOD decided to break all the snipers down in a new video.


The update on May 27 saw some of the Black Ops Cold War optics get a little rework, adjusting their clarity and zoom to be more in tune with the Modern Warfare optics players are so used to.

Although this update seems a little late, with the Black Ops integration into Warzone happening way back in December 2020, this change was well received and has even changed the use of these optics.

JGOD’s best snipers in Warzone

Due to the new Cold War optics change, many of the players using the 3x and 4x optics to increase ADS while maintaining the same magnification on regular sniper scopes will be disappointed to see that these sights have now been reworked and corrected to fit their actual use.

In light of this change, JGOD broke down all the most used snipers and showed exactly how they perform in the three most important categories: aim down sight speed, bullet velocity, and rate of fire.


For ADS, the sniper that comes out on top of the best Warzone snipers is the Kar98k. A sniper considered the best by many players. If players are looking for an aggressive sniper to stay on the move and be ready to snipe at all times, the Kar is definitely the best choice.

Coming in second is the Cold War sniper, the Pelington, which JGOD says is “a funny one there because it feels like you just get hitmarkers.”

The Cold War snipers definitely take some getting used to, as the animation is not what Warzone players are accustomed to. After some time, the Pelington can definitely be a good choice, but players will need to “relearn” with the new reworked optics.

JGOD generally advises players now to use the default scopes instead of the variable zooms and 3/4x scopes, as the rework has definitely shifted the viability of the default scope.

Bullet velocity

In terms of bullet velocity, the “ZRG, which is the top dog,” a slower longer-ranged sniper that is the best option for those who are looking to snipe from a distance. After the ZRG, the SPR can also be a great sniper for both long and shorter ranges due to great bullet velocity compared to the Kar98k, a similar style sniper.

Further, the Swiss has the slowest bullet velocity but can also be a great option for those aggressive players due to its fast ADS and rate of fire.

The order for bullet velocity makes sense, as the longer-ranged snipers have higher bullet velocity. In contrast, the more aggressive, mobile snipers are slower as players will generally using them for closer ranges, making bullet velocity not as important. So, if you’re looking for a longer-ranged sniper, bullet velocity is a great indication of the best ones you should be using.

Rate of fire

This is arguably the most important category of them all and makes the Kar98k one of the best Warzone snipers. Not only does the Kar have the best ADS out of the snipers, but it also comes a close second in the rate of fire category.

Taking the top spot is the SPR, a very fast-firing sniper, making it a very strong sniper. The SPR is arguably better than the Kar, depending on your playstyle.

Those who want speed will definitely want to use the Kar, while for those who want a more versatile sniper to deal with various ranges and situations, the SPR is the sniper for you.

Overall rank

Warzone best snipers

In conclusion, the SPR is the top-ranked sniper in terms of the average across all these categories. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best sniper in Warzone, as the Kar98k is clearly still the best aggressive sniper in the game.

However, it does mean it is the best all-around sniper for those looking to be aggressive and take on long-range engagements. As for the Cold War snipers, the ZRG is the top-rated. However, the Pelington is also very viable.

That’s it for the best snipers in Warzone since the latest update. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on best SMG loadouts for Warzone Season 3.

Image Credits: JGOD/Raven Software/Activision

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