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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs give a major buff to meta Cold War optics

The implementation of Black Ops in Warzone had been a bumpy ride, however, a new update has improved the viability of Cold War optics.



warzone cold war optics

Call of Duty Warzone’s May 27 update is here and brings with it some interesting changes to a variety of Black Ops Cold War optics to help increase their viability compared to the Modern Warfare ones.

Warzone’s most recent update brought many changes to the game, including some weapon buffs and nerfs, Cargo Truck spawn rate changes in Solos, and general bug fixes.

One smaller update that many players weren’t expecting was the changes to various Black Ops Cold War optics to make them feel more natural in the Modern Warfare engine.

warzone cold war optics

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded has introduced some pretty nice new content into the game, keeping players entertained with a new ’80s Action Hero event, including a new POI and LTM Power Grab.

On top of all this, Warzone players have now also been treated to an update that brings a variety of changes to keep the player base on their toes.

Not only have the AMAX and FARA received some changes, but Raven Software also decided it was time to tweak and improve some of the Black Ops Cold War optics that haven’t felt right since they were introduced.

Firstly, the LW3 Tundra‘s optic has been altered to “reduce the fisheye lens effect,” increasing the clarity of the sight. Further, the Axial Arms 3x, Royal & Kross 4x, and SUSAT Multizoom have received reworks to improve their clarity and make them just as competitive as the Modern Warfare ones.

Popular Call of Duty content creator JGOD showed off the reworked optics over on Twitter, presenting the “huge difference after the update.”

Reworked Warzone Cold War Optics

Axial Arms 3x

Royal & Kross 4x

SUSAT Multizoom

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be excited to try out these reworked Black Ops Cold War optics and see if they fixed the complaints players have had with them since they were first added to the battle royale game.

That’s it for the reworked Cold War optics in Warzone. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on why Warzone controller players have a major advantage against Stun Grenades.

Image Credits: Raven Software/Activision