JGOD explains how “pay-to-win” Cold War Blueprints increase damage in Warzone

Liam Mackay

YouTuber JGOD has discovered that certain BOCW weapon blueprints are significantly better than their base versions thanks to increased damage, leading players to call Warzone “pay to win.”

On January 6, the controversial DMR 14, Type 63, Diamattis, and MAC-10 SMG were finally nerfed. Many players felt the nerf wasn’t strong enough, with Warzone’s META remaining the same. The MAC-10 can still outgun any other SMG at close range but YouTuber JGOD has revealed something much worse than weapon balance.

Blueprints are Call of Duty’s weapon ‘skins.’ You either purchase these blueprints through the store or in the Battle Pass, and they will apply a unique design to your gun. However, JGOD discovered that a certain Black Ops Cold War Blueprint does much more than give the weapon a makeover.

Warzone “Pay-To-Win” MAC-10 Blueprint

In his latest video, JGOD explains how the Gallantry MAC-10 Blueprint is significantly better than its base version.

This Blueprint is unlocked at Tier 95 of Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s Battle Pass. You have to purchase the pass to unlock the weapon skin, so players are calling it “pay-to-win.”

A TikTok user first noticed the difference and tagged JGOD so the popular Warzone stats tester could find out the truth once and for all. He discovered that the Blueprint effects recoil, damage, and hipfire spread.

The latest patch was meant to reduce headshot damage for the MAC-10, and it did, but not for the Gallantry Blueprint. Raven Software reduced the MAC’s close-range headshot damage down from 40 to 30. After testing the Gallantry variant against bots in a Warzone lobby, JGOD discovered that the headshot damage remained at 40.

Warzone's Gallantry MAC-10 Blueprint

Not only does it do more damage, “recoil is 100% different,” he explained. “Whether you have attachments or not, it’s going to be different.” The standard MAC-10’s recoil pattern curves in an ‘S’ shape, while the Gallantry’s recoil simply goes up and to the right. The latter is much easier to control, making the SMG more accurate.

The Blueprint also has a tighter hipfire spread, which allows you to effectively melt enemy players without even having to aim.

If players have purchased the Season 1 Battle Pass and worked up to Tier 95, they can use an even better version of Warzone’s most powerful SMG.

Image Credit: Activision