IceManIsaac explains why Tempered could become Warzone’s next meta Perk

Hamza Khalid
IceManIsaac and Warzone Tempered Perk

Warzone pro Isaac ‘IceManIsaacHamilton brought highlighted the Tempered Perk being used by top players and explained why it may be the next meta Perk in Warzone.

Warzone Pacific features 20 different Perks for you to equip and these grant special abilities which give you a competitive edge over your opponents, such as stealth or protection from explosive damage.

Top player IceManIsaac explained why professional players use the Tempered Perk during major tournaments and it has the potential to become Warzone’s next meta Perk.

IceManIsaac and Warzone Tempered Perk

Warzone’s Tempered Perk makes your armor plates give you 75 HP instead of 50 HP so you only need two instead of three. Equipping this Perk also gives you full plates when you pick it up.

IceManIsaac stated that every professional player in Warzone tournaments keeps the Tempered Perk equipped, and you should try it out as well because it allows you to “be more aggressive and catch your opponents off guard.”

The Warzone expert claimed that the game has “terrible distance audio,” making it easy for enemies to stealthily shoot you down and crack your armor plates. That’s where the Tempered Perk will save your life.

The Quick Fix Perk regenerates your health after killing players and immediately inserting plates. It used to heal 100 HP but the health buff makes it now heal 150 HP. Since the Tempered Perk gives you 75 HP per plate, you can instantly recover a total of 225 HP (150+75).

Your enemies will be surprised to see you recover so quickly, and you can use this moment of confusion to “absolutely punish them.” The Warzone pro claimed that is what makes Tempered so valuable.

The Perk allowed him to secure victory in a Warzone match. He also added that if you don’t want to combine it with Quick Fix then you can also use Tempered with the Cold-Blooded Perk to quickly eliminate your enemies.

IceManIsaac isn’t the first expert to recommend the Tempered Perk to players, as it has previously been praised by TrueGameData and JGOD for being “insanely good.” So, be sure to try it out the next time you hop into a game of Warzone.

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Image Credit: Activision / IceManIsaac