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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD explains why Warzone players need to use “insanely good” Tempered & Combat Scout Perks

Analytical Warzone YouTuber JGOD has broken down why you should use Season 5’s Tempered and “broken” Combat Scout Perks.



JGOD explains Tempered and Combat Scout perks

Warzone Season 5 introduced the Tempered and Combat Scout Perks, and YouTuber JGOD has broken down these “insanely good” new Perks and explained why you should use them.

Warzone players have been looking for a change to the Perk meta for months, and it seems like it’s arrived with the Season 5 update. The new season brought changes to both the Cold-Blooded and High Alert Perks, but also added Tempered and Combat Scout.

Analytical Warzone YouTuber JGOD has delved into the nitty-gritty of these new Perks and explained why you should use them in Season 5.

JGOD explains Tempered Perk

Warzone Tempered Perk description

JGOD explained that Tempered is a “crazy cool Perk” as it allows you to get fully plated significantly faster. By doing a side-by-side comparison, JGOD discovered that Tempered allows you to fully plate 1.5 seconds faster.

He explained that its effectiveness is dependent on your playstyle. For “most people, the vast majority of cases, it’s not going to be a huge difference.” But, if you’re an aggressive player, managing to heal faster than your opponent is a significant advantage.

The other thing to consider when choosing Tempered is “how much the plates are worth.” Without Tempered, you can carry eight plates of 50 HP in a Satchel, which equals 400 damage. With the three plates equipped, you’re carrying 550 HP worth of damage protection.

But with Tempered, you carry eight plates of 75 HP which, along with the two equipped, equals 750 HP. So you’re carrying an extra 200 points worth of damage resistance.

JGOD concludes that “in addition to having more plates are your disposal, you’re going to be able to plate faster by about a second and a half. And it’s up to you to determine whether that’s worth it for you.”

JGOD explains Combat Scout Perk

Warzone Combat Scout Perk description

JGOD then explained why you should use the new Combat Scout Perk. He initially called this Perk OP, and after testing, has doubled down calling it “broken” in Season 5.

He worked out that as soon as you shoot someone, they will be highlighted through walls for 600ms with bullets, but 666ms if hit by a Semtex. This highlight resets every time they’re hit, so it can last an extremely long time if you keep landing shots.

The other aspect of the Perk is that it live pings the enemy for all your team to see. This ping lasts for 3.5 seconds, but doesn’t reset with each bullet – only the initial shot will trigger the ping.

With FMJ equipped, JGOD believes that Combat Scout can become “broken.” If you throw a Snapshot Grenade into a room and it highlights the enemy, you can continue to wallbang them with Combat Scout’s continuous highlight and live ping.

JGOD tested out Cold Blooded and confirmed that it directly counters Combat Scout. If you have Combat Scout equipped and shoot someone Cold-Blooded, they won’t be highlighted or pinged, and you’ll get “target resistant to marking” pop up on your screen.

He concluded that overall, Combat Scout is “disgusting” and many players will find interesting ways to use and exploit the Perk. JGOD explained that the ping is enough to wallbang someone, but the highlight only makes it easier.

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Image Credit: JGOD / Activision