How to stop freezing in Warzone Caldera and Rebirth Island

Liam Mackay
Warzone player frozen in place

Warzone Season 2 has been plagued by a new freezing glitch, where players are stuck in place for a few seconds after landing. The devs are working on it, but players claim to have found a temporary solution that should reduce how often you freeze.

While Warzone Pacific Season 2’s new features and changes have been positively received by the community, the freezing glitch has been ruining the experience for many. This glitch makes players freeze in place for several seconds as soon as they land, and often find themselves in the Gulag afterward.

Raven Software have confirmed they’re working on fixing the issue, but players are reporting a temporary fix that stops you from freezing in both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Warzone character looking at ground loot

How to fix Warzone Caldera & Rebirth Island freezing issues

Reddit user ‘Equivalent_Minimum94‘ offered players a “temporary fix for Rebirth freezing,” where they recommend ignoring the Play Again button and backing out to the main menu before searching again. They said that since doing this, “we’ve avoided the constant freezing at the start of matches.”

The solution appears to have worked for several players, with ‘Rich-Ad5109’ saying that they’ve not had the issue after trying it. ‘Billyooo’ said they stopped freezing after returning to the lobby after each game, but the glitch returned after they hit Play Again to test it.

However, this solution doesn’t appear to work for every player. User domthebomb83 called it “sheer coincidence and nothing more,” as his squad never use the Play Again button and “still freeze upon landing and get booted every 3-4 games.” Another player reported the same issue, freezing in three out of six games after backing out to the menu.

Even with the solution getting mixed results, it’s worth trying it to see if it will help to reduce how often you freeze. The devs are working on a solution alongside the Buy Station freeze glitch, but haven’t given a timeline yet.

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Image Credit: Activision

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