How to find Warzone 2 Mysterious Item: All Ashika Island mask locations

Hamza Khalid
Ashika Island

When exploring Warzone 2’s Ashika Island, you can find a Mysterious Item hidden somewhere on the map, and we’ll go over exactly where you need to look in order to collect it.

Ever since its arrival in Warzone 2’s Season 2 update, the Ashika Island Resurgence map has proven to be a popular spot for players to battle while testing out the effectiveness of their favorite weapons.

This map features a variety of different POIs for you to battle in, and some of these areas serve as the spawn points for a Mysterious Item. If you’re wondering where to find the Warzone 2 Mysterious Item then we’ve got you covered.

What is the Warzone 2 Mysterious Item?

The Mysterious Item on Warzone 2’s Ashika Island is one of three different masks that are part of an Easter Egg that grants you a free loadout. Collecting all three Mysterious Items and placing them inside a display stand in Tsuki Castle completes the Easter Egg.

After you’ve placed all three masks, you’ll need to defeat a few AI enemies in order to get the Loadout Drop Marker. However, the three masks won’t be easy to find as they spawn in different locations every time you hop into Ashika Island.

The Warzone 2 Mysterious Items are three distinct masks.

All Warzone 2 Mysterious Item locations on Ashika Island

The good news is that Red, Stone, and Kitsune Fox Masks spawn at five select spots each within certain locations on Ashika Island. So, you only need to search these particular locations in order to find them.

Here’s a breakdown of every Warzone 2 Mysterious Item location.

Red Mask

The Red Mask can be found exclusively inside the Tsuki Castle building.

  • On a desk on the top floor of the main castle building.
  • Next to a desk on the second floor.
  • Inside a red crate behind the northeast door on the second floor.
  • Inside the central room on the ground floor.
  • Inside the armory.

Stone Mask

The Stone Mask can spawn inside and near the H-shaped building that’s northeast of Tsuki Castle.

  • On a chair inside the small building next to the H-shaped building.
  • On a bulldozer next to the H-shaped building.
  • On a barrel that’s northwest of the H-shaped building.
  • Inside the lockers in the H-shaped building.
  • On a crate inside the southeast room of the H-shaped building.

Kitsune Fox Mask

The Kistune Fox Mask can be collected from around the castle grounds.

  • At the wishing well.
  • By the cherry blossom tree.
  • On top of a crate inside the building that’s east of Tsuki Castle.
The Warzone 2 Mysterious Item locations are at these spots.

That covers the locations of all of the Warzone 2 Mysterious Items. Simply hop into Ashika Island and start collecting them in order to complete this Easter Egg.

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