Secret Warzone 2 change makes buffed attachment a must-have on Ashika Island

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 Ashika Island TAQ-56

A secret Warzone 2 change on Ashika Island has buffed a certain attachment type and a stats expert has explains why you absolutely need to use it.

Warzone 2 Season 2 got off to a flying start by delivering new weapons to explore including the powerful ISO Hemlock as well as the brand-new Ashika Island Resurgence map. The Resurgence map has been a breath of fresh air for players as it offers something different from Al Mazrah‘s dunes.

Naturally, Ashika Island and the Resurgence mode cater to a different playstyle that forces fast pace engagements. As a result, the meta on Ashika Island is slightly different than that of Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah.

However, Warzone expert WhosImmortal explains that it’s not the weapon meta you should be concerned with, but rather an attachment that has become a necessity on Warzone 2’s Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 suppressors are key to Ashika Island success

Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal explains how red dots appearing on the mini-map and compass work across the battle royale. Prior to the Season 2 update, firing an unsuppressed weapon would not result in a red dot appearing on either the mini-map or compass.

However, following the Season 2 update, firing an unsuppressed weapon on Ashika Island will result in a red dot appearing on enemy compasses. This drastic secret change is one that players may not know about as no mention of it was included in the patch notes.

WhosImmortal explains just how much of an impact this will have on Warzone 2 Ashika Island loadouts moving forward.

For starters, you may not think that red dots on the compass is a big deal, but in a game where information is everything, receiving a directional cue when an enemy shoots is a major advantage.

WhosImmortal admits that the change isn’t exactly game-breaking, but if you’re looking for a competitive advantage, you’ll want to equip a few of your classes with a suppressor

If you’re looking to maximize your Ashika Island success, WhosImmortal confirms that the change, “does have some kind of impact on your overall setups if you want to be stealthy, if you want to minimize your appearance on an enemy screen.”

The expert singles out the Harbinger D20, ZLR Talon 5, and Echoless-80 as fantastic suppressor options for your weapons as they still offer the necessary recoil control you’d receive from non-silenced muzzles.

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Image Credit: Activision