How to find safes in Warzone 2 DMZ mode

Liam Mackay
safe in warzone 2 dmz mode

Safes offer a ton of cash and are needed to complete missions in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode so here’s where to find safes.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode takes the emphasis away from combat, tasking players with looting valuable items and completing Faction Missions around Al Mazrah. These missions are well worth your time as they can offer cosmetic rewards such as Weapon Blueprints as well as more insured weapon slots.

You’ll stumble across safes in Al Mazrah which offer loads of cash and high-value items, and you’ll need to find these safes to complete some of the missions. Here’s a quick and reliable way to find safes in DMZ.

Where to find safes in DMZ

To find safes in DMZ, you just need to complete the Destroy Supplies Contract as it’ll mark any nearby safes on your map.

Warzone 2‘s Destroy Supplies Contract is marked by a small bomb inside a green phone-shaped icon, and completing it is simple. You just need to head to both of the green bomb symbols and plant explosives at each.

Once this is complete, all nearby safe locations will be marked on your map. Of course, you might come across them naturally but completing the Destroy Supplies Contract is a much more reliable way of finding safes in DMZ.

Safes will be marked on your map after completing a Destroy Supplies Contract.

Not only will safes offer a ton of cash and other valuable loot, but they’re also vital to some of the Faction Missions. White Lotus tasks you with completing a Destroy Supplies Contract and then opening a safe and later, you’ll have to open three safes in one deployment.

For more on Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, you can also check out how to find the access card to enter Building 21 and all of the rewards you can earn inside such as the new Chimera Assault Rifle.

Image Credit: Activision

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