How to destroy Armored Transport Trucks in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Luca Di Marzo
Armored Transport Trucks Warzone Season 2

With Armored Transport Trucks circulating around Caldera in Season 2, here’s how Warzone Pacific players can destroy them to earn valuable loot like the Nebula V Bomb.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 introduced some interesting new gameplay mechanics including, secret underground Research Labs and Redeploy Balloons. Armored Transport Trucks were also added to the Caldera battleground to fit the chemical warfare theme.

These AI-controlled trucks will roam around Caldera giving players a chance to take down heavy-duty vehicles. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a ton of high-quality loot including a Nebula V Bomb that can set you up for a dominant victory.

Where to find Armored Transport Trucks in Caldera

Armored Transport Truck Warzone Season 2

Luckily, tracking the movement of Armored Transport Trucks in Vanguard Royale and Plunder is quite simple. The AI-driven trucks are set to follow a looped path in constant rotation until they are brought down.

The tricky part is anticipating where they’ll spawn with each new Warzone game. They can spawn anywhere across the map but the trucks will usually be dispersed from each other.

Armored Transport Trucks will appear as red truck icons on players’ minimaps which makes them easy to track down after you land. However, these trucks are usually contested areas so be ready for gunfights as you draw near.

How to destroy Warzone’s Armored Transport Trucks

Armored Transport Truck alert Warzone

While you can take the trucks down by simply shooting at them, it is recommended to come prepared to take down these trucks as quickly as possible.

Launchers and lethal equipment are the keys to success when it comes to taking down the ATS in record time. Semtex, Thermite, and C4 will all whittle down the truck while Launchers will provide massive damage. Keeping a Munitions Box around to restock is also a great idea.

If a Bomber plane is nearby you may want to put it to use as one bomb can wipe out an entire truck with a direct hit.

Not only will you have to guard yourself against enemy players but the AI soldiers on the trucks will use mounted turrets to attempt to take you down. The truck will also drop mines and grenades which can prove lethal if you get too close.

Warzone Armored Transport Truck loot: Nebula V Bomb, more

Nebula V Bomb Warzone Pacific

Armored Transport Trucks will drop common loot such as ammunition and Armore Plates with each hit but the real prize comes when you destroy the truck completely. Expect to receive loads of cash, Field Upgrades, Killstreaks, equipment, and of course, the coveted Nebula V Bomb.

Emerging victorious from a battle with an Armored Transport Truck can put you in a great spot. That is if you manage to defeat enemy teams that come scavenging for the rare loot.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software