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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone glitch hints classic Call of Duty feature could come to Caldera

A classic Call of Duty feature has appeared in Warzone through a glitch, potentially hinting that it’s on the way to Caldera.



Warzone Operator fighting in Caldera

Final killcams have long been a staple of Call of Duty, allowing everyone in the lobby to see the final blow. A bizarre glitch has brought final killcams to Caldera, which could hint they’ll be fully implemented soon.

Although Warzone’s battle royale is far removed from the classic Call of Duty experience, the devs included features such as Perks, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks to keep the two games somewhat similar.

The final killcam is a classic Call of Duty feature, replicating the game-winning elimination for all to see – it could be a crazy 360 no-scope or the player hilariously missing every bullet before securing the kill. Players feel this would be perfect to wrap up a battle royale match, and a glitch could have teased its arrival.

final killcam in call of duty modern warfare

Currently, the winning Warzone team is transported out of the map by either a boat or a helicopter, escaping the closing ring of gas. There’s plenty of downtime here, and players have been calling for the cutscene to be replaced with the classic final killcam.

While Raven Software haven’t responded to these requests, it appears that it’s in the game already with Reddit user ‘KezzaaB’ getting a Warzone Victory in Caldera and being able to see a replay through a final killcam.

This was Modern Warfare’s killcam, showing the player’s Calling Card and Emblem, their Perks, weapon, and the victim’s username, proving that the technology is there for the devs to implement it.

While it doesn’t appear this glitch is brand-new, one user said they “always thought it should be a regular thing,” and another suggested that it “should have a whole montage for the winning team.”

“I would be going for throwing knife winning kills every final circle if this was implemented,” said BizarreBandit. “I hope they do bring it in regardless.”

The killcam showing in Caldera resurfaced only days after Reddit user ‘CannonSplarts’ began a discussion about Warzone’s devs implementing the final killcam. Whether killcams will actually arrive remains to be seen, but it showing through a glitch could be a sign of things to come.

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Image Credit: Activision / mbizokas via YouTube