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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Redeploy Balloon exploit is perfect for flanking Peak campers

Warzone Pacific players have discovered an exploit that lets you counter Peak campers with the new Redeploy Balloons.



Warzone Pacific Redeploy Balloons

Warzone Pacific players have discovered a new exploit that lets you use Redeploy Balloons to flank campers at the Peak POI on Caldera.

Raven Software introduced Redeploy Balloons to help players traverse across the map with greater ease while exploring all the brand-new map changes to Caldera in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

This addition has been well-received since its arrival, with many players finding creative uses for Redeploy Balloons in battle, and a new exploit has been discovered that lets you flank Peak campers.

redeploy balloon in Warzone

Tiktok user ‘miguelmeola’ pointed out that Warzone Pacific players don’t need to use a parachute after taking the Redeploy Balloon to the top of the Peak POI on Caldera, as they won’t take fall damage.

The clip they uploaded showcased them using a Redeploy Balloon to reach the top of the POI before safely landing behind an enemy without using a parachute and then gunning them down.

While miguelmeola was unsure whether this is a glitch or an exploit, it’s still extremely useful for eliminating campers at the top of the Peak POI by surprise, as they won’t expect you to land on top of them so quickly.

One possible reason that the player didn’t take any damage is that the height between their highest point in the air and the top of Peak was less than 13 feet, ensuring that they landed safely.

The game doesn’t account for horizontal fall damage so the player was fine after launching themselves forward since the vertical distance between them and the top of the Peak wasn’t too large.

Many Warzone players have been enjoying the Redeploy Balloons, which were inspired by Apex Legends’ Jump Towers, as these new additions open up the possibility of trying out new tactics like this.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision