Frustrating Warzone Rebirth Island glitch gives players infinite respawns

Andrew Highton

There is a potentially game-breaking Warzone glitch providing infinite respawns on Rebirth Island. If these bizarre set of circumstances are repeatable, then it could mean that multiple players will survive for an endless amount of time in CoD’s battle royale experience and games won’t end.

Despite Warzone’s enormous popularity across consoles, social media, and streaming services, the game continues to be plagued by one huge glitch after another. In recent weeks we’ve seen the invisibility glitch, the contract glitch, and the wall glitch.

Warzone has recently undergone a big makeover thanks to its merging with Black Ops Cold War. But a wealth of new content only masks the fact the game keeps finding new ways of breaking and hampering people’s battle royale enjoyment.

operation rebirth island picture in cod warzone bocw

Warzone Rebirth island infinite respawn glitch

This isn’t the first instance of infinite respawning in the Warzone as it wasn’t too long ago that people were exploiting the game to create unlimited Juggernauts and become godlike. But this new bug could create a real problem of never-ending games of Warzone.

Reddit user moi865 posted a video to the game’s subreddit and it shows a weird series of events that leads to his team’s unlikely victory.

Moi865 is gunned down and his final teammate is also killed soon after. Our player is then stuck in the redeployment screen for the rest of the game and his ally keeps getting to redeploy over and over. The killfeed clearly shows the evidence of his teammate’s newfound ability to resurrect at will.

Given that his partner cannot die, he survives until the end and is able to withstand repeated exposure to the lethal gas filling the map, ultimately resulting in a Warzone Victory.

It’s a very unusual scenario that we haven’t seen before, but the big concern is the true cause of this error is unknown, and it could easily happen again and become repeatable. If multiple teams are able to replicate this glitch, then games of Warzone won’t be able to end.

This is definitely a high-priority glitch that Infinity Ward will hopefully identify and try to provide a fix for very quickly.

Image credits: Infinity Ward