Frustrating Warzone Optic glitch is nerfing Snipers in Season 2 Reloaded

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific sniper scope

Warzone players are reporting a frustrating Optic glitch in Season 2 Reloaded which is preventing players from knowing exactly where they are aiming.

There’s no doubt that Warzone is prone to bugs and glitches, despite the devs working hard to bring fixes through updates like the March 30 patch.

Warzone players have found yet another issue with the battle royale in Season 2 Reloaded, as it seems Optics are glitched, leaving players without a way to hit clean shots as their reticle completely disappears.

warzone sniper

Sniping is a very effective playstyle in Warzone, especially if you’re accurate, as one headshot can send an enemy to the Gulag, or back to the lobby screen. Although Snipers are set to get a nerf in Season 3, a new bug is making it seem like the nerf has come early.

Reddit user ZagureppinSG highlighted a new bug with reticles over on the Warzone subreddit, showing off a clip of the Optic glitch happening during a Warzone game on Caldera.

The clip shows the player using a Kar98k with a Sniper Scope, but when they aim in to get a shot off on an enemy, the Optic’s reticle is nowhere to be seen.

Luckily the player actually manages to get the kills despite their Optic bugging out. However this is not the case for others in the comments, as one user stated “It is just a bug I missed so many shots because of it.”

With multiple comments explaining how they experience the same bug and miss shots because of it, players suggested marking their monitors, or even check if their monitors have a setting that allows a digital reticle option that won’t be affected by in-game bugs.

It seems the issue is happening on all platforms at the moment, and could be a texture bug. There is no known fix for the issue, but as it is happening quite frequently and loads of players in the community are sharing the same experience, perhaps a fix will be issued soon.

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Image Credits: Activision

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