Frustrating Warzone bug lets players glitch inside building roofs

Andrew Highton
cod warzone verdansk building roof

A strange new glitch is allowing players to somehow phase into the roof of Verdansk’s buildings to score easy kills in Warzone Season 2.

It’s not uncommon for Warzone players to seek refuge on top of some of Verdansk’s buildings as it offers that all-important aerial advantage and hides reduced squads away from bloodthirsty packs.

You’ll be hard-pressed to play through a game of Warzone without seeing at least one person perched up higher with a Sniper Rifle glint reflecting in your face. But some players have managed to take this strategy and make it slightly unfair on every other player thanks to a new bug.

cod warzone verdansk building

In a Reddit video posted by user Xander2299 it seems that players can manipulate the environment to their advantage to earn easy kills in Warzone.

The video featured Xander2299’s teammates desperately rushing to their friend’s aid to try and revive him, but you could hear confused sentiments as they weren’t sure where he had been downed from. In an attempt to rescue Xanderr2299, his teammates also fell foul of the mysterious shooter.

They all drop one-by-one until the whole squad are wiped out and are left to scratch their heads in complete bemusement. We then cut to the Killcam and see how one apparent apparition managed to effortlessly eliminate the squad.

The enemy player sneakily stowed away in-between the building’s roof and the ceiling. But their position came with the dual-benefit of being able to shoot through the surfaces and remain undetectable.

Warzone Season 2 has already had issues with players glitching into the walls to become invincible, and most recently players becoming invisible.

This is another worrying variation of these glitches as it makes the situation practically unwinnable for the team on the receiving end. We can only hope that this was a one-off, because if this is a repeatable glitch, then we would advise against the top floor of these buildings for now.

Image credits: Activision

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