Crazy Warzone 2 glitch is giving players free invincibility hacks

Matt Porter
Warzone 2 players running

Cheating has long been an issue for Call of Duty’s battle royale title, but a new Warzone 2 glitch is giving players “God-mode” invincibility without the use of hacks.

Warzone 2‘s launch hasn’t always been the smoothest of rides. From performance issues on PC, game crashes, or the re-emergence of hackers, players have encountered some serious issues as they hunt for wins on Al Mazrah.

Unfortunately, it’s not just cheating that is giving players crazy abilities in Warzone 2, as a new glitch appears to be making players invincible, with bullets dealing zero damage to them at all.

In a clip uploaded to the popular CODWarzone subreddit, the unfortunate ‘DukeNukedEmm’ spotted an enemy running around on the ground below them, weaponless and exposed.

Eyeing up an easy kill, DukeNukedEmm drops to the ground and starts unloading on this poor player. Unfortunately, it turns out that DukeNukedEmm is the one in need of our sympathy, as he helplessly unloaded round after round into his enemy who just continued to sprint towards him.

After firing a full 60-bullet clip into the enemy with no success, the original poster eventually found himself down and eliminated after getting punched to death by his invincible foe.

While this may look like a cheat at first look, proximity chat gives us a fascinating look into the mind of the unkillable enemy, who is clearly shocked at the situation he finds himself in.

“Dude, I’m back in the game,” he remarks. “They’re trying to shoot me and the bullets are going right through me,” before killing the player with a yell of surprise.

Of course, having invincible players running around the game is far from ideal, and is certainly something that developers Infinity Ward need to look into. How he managed to become impervious to damage remains unknown, but it appears that it may have had something to do with the Gulag, based on the player’s comments about being “back in the game.”

For now, we can only hope that this doesn’t become a widespread issue that makes winning Warzone 2 matches impossible.

Image credit: Infinity Ward

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