Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters further frustrate community by posting to TikTok

Liam Mackay
Warzone cheaters

Warzone cheaters have begun unashamedly posting their hacks to TikTok, much to the frustration of the Call of Duty player-base that’s active on social media.

Cheaters have been a problem in Warzone since day one. Almost every player has encountered one in their game, as they watch someone lock on to targets through walls and never miss a bullet.

Streamers, content creators, and the community as a whole have cried out for Activision to address the cheating problem, and the publisher has attempted to solve the issue by banning hundreds of thousands of hackers and shutting down the sites selling these cheats.

However, while there have certainly been dips in the number of cheaters over time, the problem still persists.

TikTok Cheaters

TikTok user Waldo41 uploads TikToks of them racking up dozens of kills while using hacks in Warzone. They have over 50,000 followers and almost a million ‘likes’ on their videos. They show what using a hack looks like, often to make fun of the enemy player’s reaction to getting killed in such a way.

Every player is outlined by a box that’s yellow when they’re behind cover and red when in sight. The cheater can also see what primary weapon opponents are running, and can monitor any dropped loot labeled in blue. As soon as the player comes into sight, the cheaters M4A1 snaps onto their head and melts their health away.

Waldo41 says players can message them for ‘info on the gaming chair,’ using the tired joke that players who cheat only play better because they bought an expensive gaming chair.

Reddit user ‘GoodRedditBoss‘ shared one of the TikToks to the Warzone subreddit to highlight the issue. The community was understandably frustrated at how blatant the cheats were being displayed.

“I don’t understand how you can get pleasure from playing like this,” said u/maciek9181. “Unless he takes pleasure from upsetting other players.”

With Waldo41 being only one example of many, hopefully posting cheats to TikTok will be the beginning of the end for Warzone hackers, although that trend seems to be going in the wrong direction for now.

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