Amazing Warzone glitch turns Rebirth Island into a neon disco

Andrew Highton
rebirth island disco

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island was unexpectedly turned into a full-on disco during one player’s game, with the glitch turning Alcatraz into something far more welcoming.

Rebirth Island has extremely similar vibes to the world-famous Alcatraz prison, and as such, makes for the perfect setting for a battle royale game. The game mode is very popular in Warzone, with people like NICKMERCS enjoying the mode more than battle royale at times.

A glitch has turned the intimidating island into something more pleasing on the eye though. Attempting to drop onto the location, one player’s version of Rebirth Island was given a rather bright makeover as a weird glitch turned the infamous land into a disco, dancing paradise.

rebirth island in cod warzone

Reddit user ItsNotAlex is the player that reported the Rebirth glitch, and their video showed just how insane the visual actually was.

As they parachuted into Rebirth Island, practically every building was glowing with a distinct neon aura. The player’s weapon, trees, and anything you can think of were illuminated by a vast array of colors.

They spent all of their pre-lobby time trying to get kills and take in their unusual scenery before the match started.

It’s one of the first recognized instances of this happening in Warzone, with Black Ops Cold War being quite experienced in this department.

Previously, Cold War has had its own disco room in Outbreak and even turned a complete section of Raid into Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.

It’s not the worst glitch in the world to experience in Warzone with God Mode glitches and invisibility glitches being far worse. With how rare texture glitches like these are it’s probably best not to worry too much about it being a regular thing.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software