All Warzone Chemical Weapon Research Lab locations

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Chemical Weapon Research Labs Locations Warzone

Chemical Weapon Research Labs have been added to Caldera via the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update. Here are the exact locations of all seven underground labs.

Chemical warfare is the theme of Warzone Pacific Season 2 and the devs have added new events, POIs, and items to fit the concept. Seven Chemical Weapon Research labs can now be discovered across Caldera.

These labs are hidden underground facilities that will reward players with high-quality loot and some mysteries to uncover. Here are all of the Chemical Weapon Research Lab locations in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Where are Chemical Weapon Research Labs in Caldera ?

View of Chemical weapons research lab in Warzone

Warzone players won’t have to search too hard to find the locations of the mysterious underground labs seeing as they are marked with a yellow circle on the in-game map of Caldera. These circles will give you a general idea of the area, although you might need some guidance when it comes to pinpointing the exact entrance to the labs.

At the moment there are a total of 13 hatches that lead to underground labs, but players only have access to seven. These hatches are identifiable thanks to round metal hatches that are clearly visible to players.


Docks Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

Some of the entrances to the underground labs will be difficult to spot but the Docks hatch is not one of them.

Head to the Southern portion of Docks to spot the massive hatch right next to a truck in the Industrial Docks location.

Power Plant

Power Plant Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

If the Docks hatch is one of the easiest to spot then the Power Plant hatch is certainly the trickiest of the bunch.

First, you’re going to want to find the waterfall in the middle of the Power Plant location. Next, walk through the left side of the waterfall where you’ll find the hatch hidden behind the falls.


Fields Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

Look for the two blue striped silos at the back of Fields to find the corresponding hatch. This particular hatch is special as a radio can be heard inside the Fields lab.

Speculation about a new Warzone Easter egg is already beginning to gain traction.


Mines Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

You’ll need to aim for high ground to find the hatch located within the Mines area. The area is located as Phosphate Mines on your HUD and it is west of the actual mines.

You’ll spot a bulldozer once you’re nearing the Mines hatch, you can’t miss this one.


Lagoon Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

You may need to dig deep through your memory to spot this hatch as it is located right next to the crash site that can be seen in the trailer for Warzone Pacific Season 1.

You’re looking for a noticeable hut within the Clear Water Lagoon area.


Resort Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

The Resort hatch is one of the easiest to locate as players can use the yellow clock tower situated in the Resort area as an identifiable landmark.

Once you hit the clock tower head South to find the corresponding hatch.


Runway Chemical Weapon Research Lab location

The hatch located within the Runway area is one of the few hatches to be located indoors. Head to the military bunker near Runway and you’ll find the hatch inside a room on the ground floor.

These areas are likely to be highly contested during the early days of Warzone Pacific Season 2. If you’re confident of winning a gunfight or two, you’ll definitely be rewarded with some valuable loot.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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