Vanguard weapon attachment massively boosts XP earned per match

Nathan Warby
Vanguard attachment boosts XP

Ever since Call of Duty: Vanguard dropped at the beginning of November, fans have been noticing that progression feels slower than past CoD titles. However, there is one weapon attachment that can massively speed up the process.

Vanguard is here and CoD fans are doing their best to smash through the prestige system and level up as quickly as possible.

Despite player’s best efforts, however, some fans feel that Vanguard is stingier with handing out XP compared to past titles. Weapon leveling, in particular, seems to take a lot of grinding.

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But if you’re struggling to level up in Vanguard, equipping the Surplus Kit attachment to your weapons will give you a huge XP boost.

Surplus kit in CoD: Vanguard

The Surplus Kit is an unlockable attachment for every weapon in Vanguard and can be equipped as one of your 10 available modifications.

In-game, the description for this Kit is a little vague, with the description reading, “Earn additional XP for kills.” However, it doesn’t go into specifics about which XP it affects, and how much of a boost it offers.

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Luckily, CoD YouTuber TheXclusiveAce showed off the full extent of what Surplus does in a recent upload to his channel.

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After testing multiple ways of earning weapon XP, he discovered that Surplus also provides additional points to both players and Operators, as well as the gun they are using.

Once he trialed the Kit in multiple matches, he found that it offers a 20% boost to all three and the same time.

The best part is, it also stacks with any double XP tokens, clan boosts, or bonuses for using an Operators favorite weapon.

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This means you can be earning nearly 1.5x the XP in every match, or 2.9x XP with a token active. By taking this tip on board, you’ll be flying through the ranks in no time at all.

Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for more tips on how to progress in CoD Vanguard.

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Image credits: Sledgehammer Games

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