Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded Arms Race explained

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Arms Race mode

A new large-map game mode is coming to Vanguard with the Season 2 Reloaded update. Here’s what you need to know about Arms Race along with the vehicles you can find in the new mode.

Vanguard players will have to get acquainted with a brand-new snowy battleground as Season 2 Reloaded introduces us to the Arms Race mode. This large-map game mode will focus on 12 vs 12 combat and objective-based gameplay.

In order to win, you’ll have to collect cash and use it wisely to capture enemy bases. You’ll have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal to make the task easier. Here’s everything you need to know about Vanguard’s Arms Race mode.

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What is Vanguard Arms Race?

Alps map arms race

For starters, Arms Race will currently take place exclusively on the Alps map. This new large map was designed specifically for Arms Race with its “iced-over lake and mountainside fortresses.”

It is going to be the biggest map to hit Vanguard when the Season 2 Reloaded update content drops on March 23. Naturally, a large map means a large lobby so players will be split into two teams of 12. Each team will be tasked with capturing bases scattered across the map.

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In total, Alps will feature seven bases, “By default, two out of the Alps’ seven potential bases will already be taken out of commission, making it a five-base fight for supremacy.” Captured bases can be used as spawn points, but players can also opt to spawn on fellow squad members.

Buy Stations Arms Race

Accumulating cash and purchasing weapons and equipment will be the key to success. Each friendly base will have several Buy Stations and they will function in a similar fashion to Champion Hill Buy Stations, “purchase weapons, equipment, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, or even use your Custom Loadouts.”

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A Custom Loadout will surely make your task easier so be sure to save up a considerable amount for one.

Vanguard Arms Race vehicles

Snoop Dogg Operator on Motorcycle

In addition, cash can also be spent on vehicles which will make quickly traversing the large map easier. There are three vehicles with unique characteristics that Vanguard players will need to get accustomed to.

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This is the only vehicle that can be called in for free at any time throughout the match. The Motorcycle isn’t the sturdiest of vehicles but it sure is quick and it can seat one passenger in addition to the driver.

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It is by far the fastest vehicle available in Arms Race and it will conform to your needs and change of strategy with one twist of the handle. The Motorcycle’s glaring weakness is its durability as it can be taken down quite easily by a wave of bullets.


Arms Race tank

As you might expect, the Tank is indeed the most expensive vehicle available to players. However, it is also the most powerful therefore saving up for a Tank is a calculated risk that could pay off as you use it to capture an enemy base.

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Interestingly enough, the built-in weaponry is controlled by the driver which means the Tank is a one-person vehicle. What makes the Tank so special is its versatility as a weapon that can be used to defend your base or capture an enemy base.

CD12 Transport

This squad-friendly vehicle will transport one driver and three passengers to enemy bases. It isn’t as fast as the Motorcycle, but the ability to carry four soldiers will certainly help when engaging in gunfights as you get to your destination.

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The CD12 will cost “a few hundred in-game Cash” so it’s still quite the bargain. The medium-sized vehicle will cause a large explosion when destroyed therefore it “may aid in destroying an enemy base’s gate.”

Vanguard players have been begging the devs to add new game modes and it seems like Season 2 Reloaded is set to deliver with the highly anticipated Arms Race mode.

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