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Call of Duty: Vanguard

How to shoot down Vanguard Killstreaks every time for Launcher camo challenges

CoD players need to destroy Killstreaks to earn Atomic camo for Launchers, and this guide makes shooting them out the sky easier than ever.



Vangaurd player firing launcher

Call of Duty: Vanguard challenges players to shoot down enemy Killstreaks as they chase new camos for their weapons. Here’s a handy guide on how to take out Spy Planes every time.

Vanguard players are always are on the hunt for shiny new camos to equip to their weapons, as part of the long journey towards unlocking Atomic camo.

One of the tasks that players will be met with time and time again challenges them to shoot down enemy Killstreaks with Launchers. This has been notoriously difficult due to the speed that Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes soar through the sky.

However, the March 10 patch slowed them down drastically, and they’re now much easier to take out with a Launcher. By following this easy guide, players can make sure they’re hitting flying Killstreaks every single time.

Atomic camo on Launcher in Vanguard

Since Vanguard’s equipment is all from the World War II era, there’s no lock-on function, so all rockets need to be aimed and fired manually. The key is leading your shots and timing how long it will take for the rocket and plane to collide.

As outlined by Reddit user DanHarkinz, the main factors you need to take into account when shooting down a Spy Plane are the distance they are away from you, the trajectory they are traveling at, and the Launcher you’re using.

Depending on whereabouts you’re shooting from, this can be as low as three seconds but can go as high as five seconds if the Spy Plane happens to be lingering on the opposite side of the map.

Projectiles fired from the Panzerschreck and M1 Bazooka travel slightly faster than the Panzerfaust, so be sure to factor this in when you’re lining up the shot. If you miss, simply try again by anticipating slightly further ahead than before.

How to shoot down enemy killstreaks in Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Spy Plane
  1. Equip your Launcher and locate the Killstreak
  2. Aim your Launcher ahead of the Killstreak in-line with its trajectory
  3. Factor in the weapon you’re using, as well as the distance between you and the Killstreak
  4. Expect the rocket to take between three and five seconds to reach depending on the distance and weapon
  5. Repeat until you acheive a successful hit, aiming slightly futher ahead each time

There is an element of trial and error, but by following this easy step-by-guide you’ll soon be able to take out enemy Spy Planes consistently.

It’s worth noting that the guide above mainly applies to Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes, as they only require one hit and move through the sky fairly slowly after the patch. You can shoot down Bombers and Strafing Run aircraft, but they are far more difficult to hit.

Dogs are also a viable option, but the difficulty comes from trying to kill them before they kill you. With Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes you can simply find a safe spot and keep trying until you pull it off.

Most of the challenges will require you to destroy 30, and we expect this method will allow you to secure around three per game. With a little practice, you’ll have Atomic camo for all your Launchers in no time.

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Image Credit: Activision