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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard players beg Sledgehammer to add more game modes

It seems Vanguard players are not satisfied with the current catalogue of CoD game modes and hope to see more added soon.



Vanguard Arms race

A lack of new and refreshing game modes is leaving Vanguard players frustrated with the minimal options currently available.

Vanguard was praised for its innovation when it introduced Combat Pacing to Call of Duty but that praise has quickly turned to frustration as players feel there aren’t enough game modes on offer.

Previous Call of Duty titles Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War offered a variety of game modes, from the massive multiplayer battles of Ground War to the nonstop fun of party modes like Prop Hunt and Infected. Vanguard players believe the game desperately needs new modes.

Call of Duty Vanguard game modes

The good news is that Arms Race is coming to Vanguard during Season 2 and although we don’t know what it will consist of, the devs will be adding a new game mode to Vanguard.

Despite the soon-to-be inclusion of Arms Race, Vanguard players might be wondering if adding a single mode to the multiplayer experience is enough at this point in time. As this post on the Vanguard subreddit points out, Vanguard has been out for over four months now.

It could be a case of too little too late for Vanguard players who may have already given up on the game, “it blows my mind how I have to pick from the same 6-7 game modes every time I hop on.”

Offering a variety of game modes is a vital component of the multiplayer experience as it prevents the game from feeling stale or boring. If players are stuck playing the same limited game modes on offer, it’s no surprise that they’d tire of the game at a faster pace.

For fans of the game, party modes such as Gun Game and One in the Chamber seem to be high on the list of desired modes. Players are also shocked that the devs missed a golden opportunity to bring back the War mode in a WWII setting “What’s more surprising is that I’m surprised they didn’t bring back War from World at War”.

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Image Credit: Activision