Vanguard players beg for CoD WWII maps in Season 4

Luca Di Marzo
CoD WWII maps Vanguard

Players just received a ton of new content with the Vanguard Season 3 update, but they’re hoping that some classic CoD WWII maps will make their way to the game in Season 4.

The addition of a Trophy System in Season 3 proves that the devs are taking strides to listen to player feedback when it comes to improving Vanguard. This time, the players are hoping that their calls to add classic CoD WWII maps to the game will be answered in Season 4.

Vanguard maps and their rotation have posed a problem for players since the release of the game. While original maps like Gondola, Casablanca, and Mayhem have been added to the game, players are desperate for the opportunity to experience Vanguard multiplayer on fan-favorite CoD WWII maps.

London Docks in CoD: World War II

While CoD WWII isn’t remembered as one of the best games in the franchise, very few could deny that its map pool was excellent. Maps like USS Texas, Flak Tower, Ardennes Forest, and London Docks were all extremely memorable maps according to players.

A post from the Vanguard subreddit questions the lack of CoD WWII multiplayer maps in Vanguard and the discussion in the comments reveals that players would love to see them make a return.

While the “map pack” mentioned above is highly unlikely due to the franchise’s shift from DLC to seasonal content releases, the argument for adding WWII maps to Vanguard remains the same. Players sounded off on their favorites in the comments, “Flak Tower, please. I need that back.”

However, other players were skeptical of the possibility given the dwindling player base, “Apparently, the new gulag in Wz is onboard the USS Texas, so maybe we’ll get a remake of that map next season, but unfortunately given the apparent shift in focus from Vanguard to Warzone this season, I’m not sure if we’ll get too many more.”

We’ll have to wait for Vanguard Season 4 to find out if their calls for these additions will be answered.

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