Vanguard update delivers penalties to Ranked Play dashboarders

Matt Porter
Vanguard player aiming down sights

Dashboarding has been a frustrating issue in Vanguard’s Ranked Play beta, but Treyarch have issued an update that will punish those who abuse the system.

After months of frustration, Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch finally appeased competitive players by dropping the game’s new Ranked Play mode. For many, this is the best ranked playlist Call of Duty has seen in years, combing the existing ladder model with a new ELO system.

While Ranked Play has been praised by the community, there are some issues still affecting the beta. For many, the most frustrating of these is dashboarding, which allows players to quit matches without receiving any punishment.

Players aiming down sights in Vanguard

Dashboarding is a trick that players use to quit matches while avoiding penalties like a loss of Skill Rating which lowers their rank. By doing this, players can ensure they constantly rank up, as they only stay in games that they are winning.

This is against what Ranked Play stands for, which is designed to test your capabilities so you can see how you actually stand up against other players. This has left Vanguard fans frustrated, unsurprisingly, and calling for something to be done about it.

Thankfully, Treyarch issued disconnect penalties on February 28 that are set to hit players who quit out of matches with a timed ban. The update also addressed an issue that caused pre-match disconnects while editing a loadout.

Although fans of Ranked Play were glad to see the devs act quickly to address the issue, it seems another problem came about as a result of the update in which players reported losing SR after a win. However, the devs have confirmed that this is intentional.

As you can see the devs confirmed that this is a result of quitting an earlier match which further adds to the punishment of dashboarding. Ultimately, the punishment for leaving a match early seems to be a 15-minute ban as well as a decrease in SR earned in the next match.

If you’ve been grinding Ranked Play, make sure you’re using the best class possible with our Vanguard Ranked Play loadout guide.

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