Bizarre Vanguard glitch is literally turning players into Spider-Man

Matt Porter
Spider-Man and a Vanguard player shooting

You may have heard Call of Duty players talking about flipping spawns, but a strange Vanguard glitch is literally flipping the map.

There are plenty of frustrating Vanguard glitches floating around at the moment. From the ‘clicking’ bug that makes it impossible to tell friend from foe to the Zombies exploit letting players stop time to reload.

Now, a weird Vanguard glitch is forcing players to tilt their screens or their heads, with players ending up perpendicular to the ground like Spider-Man walking on buildings in New York City.

vanguard season 2 casablanca gameplay

In a video uploaded to the Vanguard subreddit, ‘UrNutCracko’ walks over to a flaming motorbike, which explodes as soon as they get close.

In most instances, this would kill the player, and send them back to their spawn point. Instead, once the fire and damage had cleared, UrNutCracko was standing sideways on the map, with the sky to the right of his screen, and the ground to the left.

Unsurprisingly, their teammates were beyond confused at what they were seeing. In fact, most of his squad ran back to watch the player walk around like this, defying the laws of physics and gravity.

According to some players, this isn’t a brand-new issue in Call of Duty. Some fans reported seeing this back in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode. They claim that while it still happens, it has been less frequent as time goes on.

In terms of a fix, Sledgehammer have yet to address it. Thankfully, there does seem to be a temporary workaround, as some players claim that entering and exiting a vehicle will put your feet back on the ground.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Marvel