Spider-Man 2 fans demand official “Spider-Cube” suit after patch removes hilarious bug

Rajarshi Acharya
miles morales swinging through nyc in spider-man 2

Insomniac has patched out the bizarre Spider-Man 2 bug that turned Peter and Miles into white cubes, and players are apparently sad about it.

After launching on October 20 with a day one patch, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 got another patch that fixes some major bugs and errors left in the game. They’ve now replaced the incorrectly placed Cuban flag in the Morales’ home with the correct Puerto Rican flag.

Another hilarious bug left over after the launch was that your character would turn into a white cube. It would apparently happen “when you played Spider-Man 2 for a long time and the character model wouldn’t fully load.”

This has now been fixed with the latest patch, and players are sad about it. Spider-Man 2 fans lamented the loss of the “Spider-Cube” on Reddit, albeit jokingly. One user came up with the hilarious idea of adding it to the game as an official unlockable suit. Another commented that it’s a better reward for 100% completing the game than what you get right now.

Someone mentioned that it would probably be added back to Spider-Man 2 as a mod when it launches on PC, but “we will have to wait probably about 4 years” for it. One player said they will “miss swinging around the city as a cat.” They added that the Bodega Cat suit “loads with the cube, and you can see the cat clipping through the pack of the backpack.”

Other Redditors on the thread had some wonderful names for “Spider-Cube” such as “Peter Polyhedron,” “the Spectacular Cube-Man,” and “Spider-Tofu.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was relatively bug-free on launch, except for some minor but hilarious bugs like this. While not everyone was able to replicate the “Spider-Cube” bug, it has been immortalized as a meme thanks to the internet.

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