Modern Warfare 2’s Grand Prix map has disappeared and nobody knows why

Matt Porter
Modern Warfare 2's Grand Prix map

Grand Prix was one of the first Modern Warfare 2 maps to be announced, but with the multiplayer beta now live, any trace of it has mysteriously vanished.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer beta is finally here, giving players the opportunity to test out the sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot before its full release on October 28.

The beta kicked off on September 16 with four maps: Beenbergh Hotel, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and Valderas Museum, giving players a wide range of map types to play as part of the first beta weekend.

Interestingly though, one map we expected to see was missing, with Grand Prix not included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Grand Prix was set to give players the chance to run around Marina Bay in Singapore, with the map based on the real-world Formula 1 Grand Prix that takes place there every year.

Complete with cars actually driving around the track, garages, and pit boxes, Grand Prix was set to merge Call of Duty with the incredibly popular sport.

Unfortunately, Activision have removed every mention of Grand Prix from not only the game, but from social media as well.

The reason for this remains unclear, with no official announcement from the publishers regarding what has happened. Some players have suggested a licensing issue with Formula 1 owners Liberty Media, but with no real-life drivers of teams mentioned, it remains a theory for now.

We also don’t know whether Activision have temporarily removed it to make some changes, or if it will ever come back. We’ll keep you updated if Activision drop any information on the matter.

Still, even with Grand Prix missing, there’s plenty to enjoy in Modern Warfare 2, with new Killstreaks, equipment, game modes, and more coming with the full release in 2022.

Image Credits: Activision

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