Modern Warfare 2 devs tease final multiplayer maps will favor competitive play

Hamza Khalid
mw2 alboran hatchery

Modern Warfare 2 receives new maps through content updates, and the developers have now hinted that the last multiplayer maps they have planned could be aimed at the competitive side of the Call of Duty title.

With Season 3 Reloaded live in Modern Warfare 2, the Call of Duty title has received a plethora of new additions that players are jumping into the game to check out, such as new guns like the GS Magna and FTAC Siege.

The update also added a brand-new 6v6 map known as Alboran Hatchery for players to battle in. Many are wondering what other maps will arrive in Modern Warfare 2, and now the developers have given an update about their plans.

While talking with Dexerto, Multiplayer Design Director Geoff Smith revealed what Infinity Ward has planned for the end of the 2023 roadmap for Modern Warfare 2. While Smith didn’t get into specifics, he made it clear that more maps are on their way.

Smith explained: “I think the final ship year, we already have our plan for post-launch. Maybe those maps haven’t been started, but at least we’ve earmarked what they could or should be. There’s always kind of a rough plan. Different things happen, different situations come up, and those plans can change.”

mw2 alboran hatchery
Alboran Hatchery is a new map in Modern Warfare 2.

He then hinted that the last maps that are planned for the 2023 roadmap may revolve around competitive play. Smith added: “The last three maps of this year, we’ve kind of leaned into maps I think would play that style really well.”

Geoff Smith did not go into detail about what these maps will look like, so we’ll have to wait for the developers to give us an official reveal in the future. It’s possible that they could bring back more maps from the older Call of Duty titles.

If Infinity Ward is going to focus on competitive play, it remains to be seen how these maps will suit that style. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as more information about these maps has been revealed.

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