Modern Warfare 2’s first Raid revealed: Atomgrad details

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 characters Price and Farah in Atomgrad Raid

Modern Warfare 2 brings Raids to Call of Duty with the Season 1 Reloaded update and the devs showed off Atomgrad, the first episode to arrive, at The Game Awards.

Infinity Ward have hit several shooter genres through Modern Warfare 2, bringing classic 6v6 Call of Duty, third-person, large-scale Spec Ops missions and Ground War, battle royale, and the extraction-based DMZ. That’s not all though, as Destiny-style Raids are arriving with the mid-Season 1 update.

Not much has been known about Raids other than they continue the campaign’s story and are the “ultimate challenge for Trios with a mix of stealth, all-out action, and puzzle-solving objectives.”

With Season 1 Reloaded fast approaching, Infinity Ward showed off their first Raid episode, Atomgrad, at The Game Awards.

In the Atomgrad Raid trailer, we can see Price, Gaz, and Farah investigating an underground area with Laswell directing the mission through radio comms. The characters do a ton of swimming while stealthily taking down enemies before the mission erupts into chaos in true Call of Duty fashion.

So, unlike Spec Ops which uses multiplayer Operators, it looks like Raids will put players into the shoes of campaign characters will full voice acting — similar to how Zombies used to have a set crew.

This would line up with the confirmation that Raids carry on the campaign’s story, however, these characters could have just been used for marketing purposes, so we’ll need to wait and see what the devs have in store.

The trailer then confirms that the Atomgrad Raid arrives with December 14’s Season 1 Reloaded update, with “new Raid episodes on the way” as well.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded also brings another version of the classic Shipment map, the Chimera Assault Rifle, Gaz as an Operator, and Warzone 2’s first major update.

Image Credit: Activision

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