Modern Warfare 2 XP exploit is ‘ruining’ Infected mode

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 infected mode

Unfortunately, a Modern Warfare 2 XP exploit is ruining the Infected game mode, which was introduced in the Season 2 update.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 update brought some welcomed additions to the game, from the introduction of Ranked Play to brand-new weapons that players have even figured out how to unlock early.

As well as this, the update also brought some content from the beloved Call of Duty title Modern Warfare 3. As well as the map Dome, players also got the Infected game mode, which originates from the third installment of the original Modern Warfare games.

Infected is a fan-favorite party game mode that sees a team of non-infected fighting off the infected team in order to survive and win. Unfortunately, a Modern Warfare 2 XP exploit is ruining matches of the mode, and players have highlighted the issue on Reddit.

Reddit user Kiamzlo put a post in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit saying that “Infected is being ruined by the abundance of AFK farmers.”

In order to level up and unlock battle pass tiers, players have been joining games of Infected and keeping their characters moving without actually playing. This allows them to get XP for surviving each death.

In the clip, the player walks around the map to show every player in the lobby AFK, even the player chosen to be the Infected. This, of course, ruins the Infected experience, which is meant to be tense and fast-paced.

The player then kills themselves to become Infected, and eliminates them all. In the comments, the OP explains further, saying that they have “been getting nothing but these sort of lobbies,” which is “nice to farm executions and knife kills,” but ultimately ruins one of their favorite game modes.

Perhaps players have resorted to this due to the slower battle pass progression in Season 2, as users in the comments point out that battle pass progression is actually “time-based,” which provokes this Modern Warfare 2 AFK XP exploit.

Regardless, clearly, the community is clearly not impressed, especially those who actually like Infected, as one user even goes as far as to say that CoD is “ruined because of [the] BP.”

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Image Credits: Activision