Modern Warfare 2 Twitch viewership explodes in Season 2 after Ranked Play arrival

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Operators

Modern Warfare 2’s Twitch viewership unexpectedly reached new heights following the well-received Season 2 update that brought Ranked Play to the game.

When the Modern Warfare 2 devs announced that Season 2 would suffer an unexpected delay, players were understandably frustrated. Up until that point, players felt disappointed with the state of the game and the overall content they were receiving through updates.

One week after the Season 2 update arrived on February 15, and it’s safe to say most players would agree the wait was worth it.

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According to players, the driving force behind its success is the quality of Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play mode that arrived in Season 2. Ranked Play has completely revitalized Modern Warfare 2 for CoD fans and the game’s Twitch viewership has seen a major bump as a result.

Modern Warfare 2 Twitch viewership is on the rise

Since the start of Season 2, Modern Warfare 2’s Twitch viewership has reached impressive numbers exceeding 100,000 concurrent viewers on a daily basis. These numbers indicate a drastic rise from those achieved since the game’s launch.

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It seems many MW2 players are attributing this new interest in the game to the arrival of Ranked Play: “Crazy what a good ranked can do for a game.”

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While the positive reception and overall high quality of Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play mode is the driving force, one player explained that there are other factors that contributed to a perfect storm.

“I think Scump retiring and hosting watch parties, coupled with ranked being released not long after are exposing new people to comp cod and now they are branching out to watching other comp cod players. This could be why we are seeing an uptick in viewership.”

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When it comes to an increase in popularity pertaining to competitive Call of Duty and the CDL, players are hoping this leads to new changes and initiatives from Activision to support the community.

As one player put it, “hopefully it’s not just a phase and Acti will realize that there is a lot of interest in ranked/comp too if they would just invest in it.” Ultimately, most agreed that “streaming is the biggest and best marketing out there rn.”

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The growth of Modern Warfare 2’s Twitch viewership is a positive sign for fans of the franchise who will be hopeful that Season 3 can reach similar heights.

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Image Credit: Activision

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