Modern Warfare 2 Twitch viewership overtakes Warzone 2 for the first time ever

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Operators

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded has players hopping into the game to check out all the new changes that arrived in the update, and the Call of Duty title’s Twitch viewership has now overtaken that of Warzone 2.

When the Season 2 Reloaded update arrived in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, both Call of Duty titles received a plethora of changes, including weapon buffs and nerfs as well as new Operators like Ghost and Shredder.

Players often tune into Twitch to watch their favorite streamers play both games, and Warzone 2 has been a popular choice. However, the viewership stats for March have revealed that it has been overtaken by Modern Warfare 2 for the first time.

According to SullyGnome, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer viewership increased by 19.3% in the month of March 2023 with a total watch time of 24,970,051 hours and a peak viewership of 350,693 viewers.

This is higher than Warzone 2’s watch time of 21,969,596 hours. The site also shows that Warzone 2’s viewership declined by 22.6% in March 2023, and its peak viewership was 192,556, which was significantly lower than Modern Warfare 2’s.

Modern Warfare 2’s Twitch viewership has overtaken that of Warzone 2.

The last time that Modern Warfare 2 had a more successful viewership than its battle royale rival was during its launch in October 2022, before Warzone 2 arrived. Warzone 2 has generally maintained higher viewership on Twitch, but this has now changed for the first time.

A major reason that Modern Warfare 2’s popularity increased in March 2023 was the Call of Duty League Major 3 which set new CoD esports viewership records, becoming the most-watched CDL event of all time.

Players that tune into the CDL matches are able to earn viewership rewards on Twitch. Modern Warfare 2 has now come out ahead of Warzone 2 in terms of views, and it remains to be seen if this continues to be the case in the coming months.

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Image credits: Activision / SullyGnome