Faze Jev reveals Modern Warfare 2’s biggest issue ahead of Season 2

Nathan Warby
FaZe Jev with MW2 logo

Following the reports that Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 will be delayed after a player count drop, CoD YouTuber Jason ‘FaZe Jev’ Eugene has highlighted the key area that Infinity Ward need to address.

Modern Warfare 2 came with a host of fresh ideas to shake up the CoD series, from an overhauled Gunsmith system to new water physics that add an extra layer to multiplayer maps. But after a promising start in terms of sales, the community is clearly frustrated with the state of the game.

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The player count reportedly dipped more than expected over the holidays and dataminers have hinted Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 will be delayed as the devs work on gameplay fixes.

Following the rumored delay, popular CoD YouTuber FaZe Jev has picked out the biggest area for improvement in Modern Warfare 2. In an upload to his YouTube channel, Jev singled out MW2’s movement and called for Infinity Ward to address it in the Season 2 update.

“However much they enjoy the game, I think it would benefit everybody to help with the movement a little bit,” he explained, before going on to compare the gameplay to Modern Warfare 2019.

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“In comparison to what Modern Warfare 2019 is, you expect them to kind of build off of it,” he continued. “Going back onto Modern Warfare 2019 for that one video made me realize how much more snappy the game is, which makes it feel more responsive.”

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This isn’t the first time that players have called out how much slower Modern Warfare 2 feels than its predecessor. The weighty weapons, more drawn-out ADS speeds, and general lack of mobility have been accused of making the game feel “sluggish.”

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Jev went on to explain that while he does “like the game more” than Modern Warfare 2019, he feels that the slow movement is contributing to the negativity surrounding Modern Warfare 2 at the moment.

“That feeling sticks with people, when they get on the game, when they get off the game, when they think about what game they want to play when they get home from work. It seems that people, more often than not, tend to like a game that feels fast and responsive, and it makes you feel good.”

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He also pointed out that the movement is at odds with MW2’s mission statement of catering to multiple playstyles, as rushing enemy teams with “aggressive” moves like jumping around corners is less viable than slower, more methodical gameplay.

While FaZe Jev thinks that a complete overhaul might be too much to expect from Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, he’s still hopeful that the patch could bring a few adjustments to take the game in the right direction.

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Image credit: FaZe Jev / Activision

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