Modern Warfare 2 players find easy way to destroy Cruise Missiles

Andrew Highton
cruise missile killstreak in modern warfare 2

Cruise Missiles can cause fatal damage in Modern Warfare 2, but players have already found an efficient way of preventing the threat of this deadly Killstreak in MW2.

Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Killstreaks have become an integral part of the FPS franchise allowing players to be rewarded with deadly, one-off abilities in exchange for consecutive kills or cumulative points earned, all without dying.

Modern Warfare 2 has carried on this long-standing tradition by providing players with a ton of Killstreaks from information-giving UAV planes to game-ending Nukes.

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The latest iteration of CoD has seen the return of the Cruise Missile Killstreak to wreak havoc from the skies above. It usually results in the instant death of anyone who’s within a few meters of it, but players have found a way of dealing with them.

Requiring six consecutive kills, the Cruise Missile can be summoned by a player, and even though it will leave the user susceptible to being found and killed as it’s a real-time Killstreak, the player can make up for this by remote controlling a missile into the map.

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You could miss and take out no one, or you could get lucky and wipe out the whole team, it can be a game-changer in Modern Warfare 2’s objective-based modes.

Reddit user Pebblewilliam realized the destructive capabilities of Cruise Missiles were a problem and discovered an easy and simple way to stop them – the Trophy System.

That’s right, the small electronic device traditionally used to skeet shoot grenades and other thrown devices is also capable of stopping a Cruise Missile shortly before it reaches its target.

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In their video, the user showed themself throwing down a Trophy System seconds before the Cruise Missile landed, and it duly destroyed it before the player could be struck down.

So, if you ever find yourself in imminent danger of being targeted by a Cruise Missile, whack out a Trophy System and carry on about your business!

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Image Credit: Activision

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