MW3 players sick of “toxic” Grenade Launchers ruining fan-favorite mode

Nathan Warby
MW3 player with downed enemy

Modern Warfare 3 features a host of Grenade Launchers that are ideal for dealing explosive damage and racking up quick kills, but players are claiming that they’re completely ruining matches in a popular mode.

Modern Warfare 3 players are spoilt for choice when it comes to game modes. On top of the regular Core options like Domination and TDM, the devs have been adding new playlists with every update, such as Bounty and Juggermosh.

There is also Hardcore, a fan-favorite mode that ramps up the difficulty by reducing the health of all players and removing key HUD elements. It’s appeared in every CoD entry since the original Modern Warfare and has become the go-to for those looking to complete tough camo challenges.

However, Modern Warfare 3 players are claiming that the mode is being ruined by enemies spamming “toxic” Grenade Launchers.

Reddit user ‘Grand-Might9295’ shared a post titled “Hardcore is great until…” before continuing, “…grenades start whizzing by our heads and all hell breaks loose!! Seriously, the worst addition to this game was the grenade launcher.”

They also called for Grenade Launchers to “banned” in Hardcore modes, as although they’re fairly balanced in regular matches, they’re “ridiculous” when health is much lower.

Other Modern Warfare 3 players agreed with the OP, claiming that games are being ruined by enemies using the secondary weapon, especially on Search and Destroy. This is mainly because they can kill in a single shot and be fired straight from spawn, whereas on Core they often take multiple shots.

“Every single HC S&D round starts with at least one person on both sides spamming the grenade launcher. So annoying,” said one reply, before another added:

“It’s a bloody nightmare, part of the reason I’ve not been playing much CoD lately is because I was getting fed up of having to deal with w**kers and their grenade launchers. Snipers, fine I can deal with them, floorhuggers, same sitch, even the melee ninjas, I find them funny but the constant BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM is where I cross the line.”

Meanwhile, some even wanted Grenade Launchers to be removed altogether, arguing that it goes against the more slow and tactical pace of hardcore. “Hardcore really should be JUST gunplay. No grenade launchers and even killstreaks tbh,” said another angry player.

Grenade Launchers have been a staple of Call of Duty for many years, but players are clearly growing frustrated with them in Modern Warfare 3. The next major update is Season 3, so only time will tell if the devs decide to make some changes.

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