Modern Warfare 2 players beg Infinity Ward to fix “awful” menus

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operator with weapon

Players who got their hands on the Modern Warfare 2 beta are begging Infinity Ward to fix the game’s “awful” menus ahead of the official launch on October 28.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta will come to a close on September 26, leaving the official launch date of October 28 as the next time players will get to experience the game’s multiplayer. The month between the end of the beta and the launch of Modern Warfare 2 will be a crucial period for developers Infinity Ward, as they look to tweak the game.

Player feedback will be a major component of identifying which elements of Modern Warfare 2 require fixing. Of course, the devs have the final say, and not every change that players suggest will make its way to Modern Warfare 2.

With that in mind, players have been vocal about their disappointment and confusion concerning Modern Warfare 2’s menus. Much has been made about the clunky menu navigation and CharlieIntel provided insight into the game’s UI.

It seems UI designers from streaming services such as Hulu joined Activision over the last few years, which could explain why Modern Warfare 2’s UI resembles that of a streaming service and not a traditional Call of Duty game.

After hearing about this connection, it was clear to players in the replies that the streaming service style menu would not be a great fit for a video game: “Hulu? ok that makes sense why this UI is just awful for a video game.”

Another player elaborated that the “UI was clearly designed for phones/tablet first.” The big square boxes and lack of vertical navigation in Modern Warfare 2’s menu back up this statement.

While the reaction to the Modern Warfare 2 menus were overwhelmingly negative, some players were hopeful that the issue is one that could be addressed in the month prior to launch: “100% hope they make changes.”

Only time will tell when it comes to the issues Infinity Ward will choose to address, and we’ll have to wait until October 28 to find out.

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