Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map removed from game at launch

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Modern Warfare 2 was set to launch with 11 multiplayer maps in total, but the game has only launched with 10 as one is conspicuously missing and unavailable.

The state of Call of Duty’s online multiplayer on day one can have a make-or-break impact on fans as we’ve seen in the past.

Black Ops Cold War was released with only eight maps on day one for 6v6 action and it didn’t go down well. Whereas Vanguard rectified this with a startling 16 different maps from the get-go for players to sink their teeth into.

Modern Warfare 2 has dropped, and instead of the 11 maps for smaller matches outside of Ground War-type modes, it appears as if the newest CoD title now features one map fewer than expected.

In the beta, we got to see the likes of Breenbergh Hotel, Farm 18, and Mercado Las Almas as brand-new maps to play in tight 6v6 action.

As well as these though, we got fleeting appearances from another map – Museum.

The rather sizable map launched with the Modern Warfare 2 beta and was eventually pulled, before being reinstated a few days later.

Now, with the game’s launch, it appears as if Museum is absent once again.

Lots of players are speculating that the map has been deemed too big for smaller matches and will be added to large playlist options such as 10v10.

This is not the first time a map has been announced and then pulled as the game’s beta promised that the F1-inspired Grand Prix would be included, but was never added.

For now, the devs have yet to comment on why Museum is not launching on day one, and this means there will be 10 maps instead of 11 for players to cause havoc in on Modern Warfare 2.

We’ll keep you updated if updates break on the disappearance of Museum, until then, take a look at the exciting new camo system in MW2, as well as rumored legendary maps coming to Modern Warfare Season 1.

Image Credit: Activision

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