Modern Warfare 3 devs confirm 12 new maps to arrive post-launch

Nathan Warby
Shipment in CoD Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3 is set to feature a lineup of classic maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) at launch, but the devs have also confirmed that 12 more multiplayer maps will arrive in future seasons.

After months of hype and speculation, Modern Warfare 3 has been officially revealed through the Shadow Siege Warzone event. The sequel to last year’s MW2 is set to bring back iconic villain Makarov in the campaign, along with fan-favorite features like the old-school minimap.

Arguably the biggest news to come so far is that Modern Warfare 3’s launch map lineup will be made up solely of classic battlegrounds from the original Modern Warfare 2, meaning that the likes of Terminal, Favela, and Estate will make a return.

However, as players know, day one is only the beginning for a Call of Duty title, and the devs have shared details on how the post-launch content for Modern Warfare 3 will look.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed that 12 extra maps will be added to MW3 over the course of its lifecycle, with more being released in each major season. Given that CoD games tend to run for around five or six seasons before a new title is released, it sounds as if new maps will drop thick and fast.

Although Modern Warfare 3 will feature remastered maps from 2009 to begin with, new maps designed especially for the sequel will be included in the 12 post-launch releases.

Rust from Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 3 will launch with 16 remastered maps from MW2 (2009).

These additional arenas will vary in size, with some being designed for 6v6 matches, while others will be better suited for Modern Warfare 3’s larger modes like Ground War.

Little else is known about the post-launch content in Modern Warfare 3, but fans will be relieved to hear that the game is being supported with plenty of content after it arrives on November 10. Based on past entries in the series, players can also expect new weapons and Operators to arrive with each update.